Colombia’s President Santos LEGALLY tries to save peace deal

Colombia’s President Santos LEGALLY tries to save peace deal


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has named a team of senior government officials to launch discussions with the opposition on shifts to a peace deal with the Farc rebel group.

Mr Santos made the statement after meeting.

A slim margin in a referendum on Sunday rejected the peace deal.

Former President Alvaro Uribe, who led the “no” effort, did not attend the assembly but made three negotiators to hold talks with the authorities.

The peace deal was signed after almost four years of discussions, which were held in the Cuban capital, Havana.

For the deal to be implemented, putting a conclusion to 52 years of conflict, it would have had to be ratified by the Colombian people in a referendum.

Pre-election polls had indicated a strong victory for the “yes” team.

But in a surprise result, 50.2% of voters rejected the agreement.

The difference was about 54,000 votes out of almost 13 million ballots. Turnout was low with fewer than 38% of voters casting their votes.

Nevertheless, the Farc and both Mr Santos have affirmed their determination to continue working to secure a peace deal since the result has been declared.

“I will not give up, I will keep seeking peace until the last minute of my term,” he said in an address after the results were announced.