‘Comfort Women’ goals setup by Japan and Korea

‘Comfort Women’ goals setup by Japan and Korea


South Korea and Japan have agreed to speed up discussions to conclude a row about Korean girls compelled to work during World War Two in Japanese brothels.

The problem of so called “comfort women” has hampered ties lately.

The statement came after the initial proper meeting in 3 years between Korean Prime Minister Japan’s and Park Geun-hye Shinzo Abe.

Other girls came from Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Taiwan.

Japan has apologised before for the “pain and suffering” of the girls, but South Korea needs a more powerful apology and reparation for sufferers.

Ms Park said the problem of “comfort women” was “the largest obstacle” to South Korea and Japan’s attempt to boost their relationship.

“She stressed the problem should be immediately settled in ways our people can take,” an advisor quoted her as saying.

Mr Abe, who’s in Seoul for the assembly, told reporters the two nations “must not leave behind issues for future generations” in developing a cooperative association.

Neither leader gave additional details on discussions that were planned.