The common message on International Women’s Day is awareness

The common message on International Women’s Day is awareness


The first ever International Women’s Day happened was in New York 1909 and organized by the Socialist Party of America.

IWD is a product of working women who wanted change. We should working on teaching girls the power of how to believe in themselves if we did that we’d have nothing to worry about.

Although the international community is seeing that awareness is simply not enough. But on the International Women’s Day most of opinions cleared that the awareness is the first step in order to create an equal world for women and it is the based solutions for the problems that facing her all over the world.

We should clear that while woman work may not always be on the front pages, she is confronting the most pressing global issues. She is in a great personal risk, fighting poverty, discrimination, and violence so that her families, communities, and countries can have better lives.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that on this International Women’s Day – and every day – we have a responsibility to stand united and work together in the ongoing struggle for the rights of women and girls worldwide so that they may live full, healthy, and productive lives.