CONCERNS! UK watchdog “deeply concerned” about leak of official statistics

CONCERNS! UK watchdog “deeply concerned” about leak of official statistics


The numbers watchdog of Britain said that market-sensitive information was shared with numerous civil servants in violation of official rules, before its public launch on Wednesday. The amounts released on Wednesday revealed a solid jump in employment twinned having a slowdown in wage increase that’s a crucial metric for the Bank of England as it judges when to increase interest rates.

“The material of (the) release was shared by the Department for Work and Pensions with up to 300 individuals, via a social networking network … by a person who’s not approved to get pre-launch access to the data,” the UK Statistics Authority wrote in a letter to the very best civil servant in the DWP.

“The Authority is greatly worried about the impact that breaks relating to the unauthorised, widespread sharing of data before their publication could have to the trustworthiness of great britain ‘s official data system,” the data watchdog said.

The letter was made public by the UK Statistics Authority on Friday.Some financial market participants have expressed concerns previously that British official data could have already been leaked ahead of the scheduled release time, though conclusive signs of this continues to be difficult to locate.