Conference call by Barack Obama to announce new marine sanctuaries

Conference call by Barack Obama to announce new marine sanctuaries


There, several states also will summarize strategies for tracking seafood imports result from increased pollution and to fight overfishing.

The brand new safe waters in America will be the first to be designated as such the White House said in a statement.

The 875-square mile section of Lake Michigan extends to Two Rivers from Port Washington, comprising a set of 39 shipwrecks that are known. Fifteen are recorded on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Mallows Bay-Potomac River encompasses a 14-square mile section of the tidal Potomac River. Almost 200 boats, some are seen in the mostly undeveloped area that delivers habitat for endangered species of fish and wildlife.

The activities will be the latest in a number of environmental measures who last year set aside some 400,000 square miles of the central Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Distant Islands Marine National Monument has become the biggest marine reserve on the planet.

Chile was set to create a a statement that was similarly challenging, cordoning off a big region.

A coalition of local politicians and environmental groups has urged Chilean authorities to designate Easter Island, for its hundreds carved from volcanic rock, observed, as well as the neighboring waters as a safe marine reserve. President Michelle Bachelet vowed last week that such action would come “shortly,” and campaigners said the statement Monday would create the third-biggest safe zone world-wide.

Palau, Gabon, Kiribati, New Zealand and Britain have taken steps at the same time to shield segments of the sea.

A plan is expanding for finding boats that use lights to bring fishery capture during the nighttime and can execute it in three other states, the Philippines and Indonesia next year.

The so called “traceability” initiative is designed to begin for the most frequently exported fish species like tuna, cod, shrimp and crabmeat in September 2016. It could apply to all fish a year later and was created to offer a complete accounting of if exporters are managing in a sustainable manner and where they are becoming their catch. Anyone who would like to export fish to America will have to conform to the states.

The plan still needs final approval from lots of additional states and the Senate before entering into force.