CONFIRMED! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput name their baby girl as MISHA!

CONFIRMED! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput name their baby girl as MISHA!


Everyone has been active suggesting baby names ever since Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor happen to be blessed with an infant girl. After all, it’s like the entire fandom is so excited for this new bundle of joy that forget looking out just for names, they can be even putting wagers on who does the infant resemble without even checking the graphics out. However, amidst this entire fan craze, the common name proposition that we have been hearing for ShaMir’s baby is Misha which for all which you know is a blend of Shahid and Mira. The couple has actually taken your THIS proposition seriously! Yes!

Based on a leading lustrous, Mira and Shahid have formally named their little princess. Seriously! Turns out they went to seek approvals from their Guruji in Amritsar and that’s where they also finalised this name because of their baby girl? And mind you, that is no name that is arbitrary. Misha means ‘God Like’ which gotta be particular if you go by the Russian meaning of the name. The truth is, word is that this name has additionally been on Mira’s thoughts and Shahid even before ’ arrival is ’sed by ‘Misha.

No wonder Shahid’s mother Neelima had recently dropped a trace on naming the baby girl “There is a name for the baby but it’s it to be announced by the parents’ prerogative. The most fascinating thing I can add here is that I thought of the same name as Mira and Shahid. I intend to see them as often as I could once Mira and the infant are back at home. I miss her

Talking about who does the baby look like, Neelima added, “It’s hard to say who an one-day-old baby resembles. Uska rang chadega har din, so you actually can’t say whom she seems like now. All I ‘ll say is that the baby is quite lovely. Maa baap bhi itne pyare hain, they’re made for each other and the baby is also. My son has got his component — now he’s one boy with two girls, I was one girl with two boys (grins).”

What are your ideas about Misha becoming finalised as the name? Tell us in the opinions below and we’ll be back with more updates right here.