CONFUSING CONFLICT AGAIN! Ex-lovers bumped into each other at friend’s party

CONFUSING CONFLICT AGAIN! Ex-lovers bumped into each other at friend’s party


Bollywood’s all about its love stories – off and on display. Thus, when a much-famous love story goes kaput, there’s a lot at rumor and heartache.

So, while much of the Indian entertainment media remained focused on solving the untimely death of TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, there were a few who couldn’t dismiss the buzz around a reunion (of sorts) of celebrities and ‘ex-lovers’ Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

The two were spotted at their close buddy the birthday bash of Aarti Shetty.

But what finally came out from the so-called patch-up was strangely contradictory, and a bit sketchy.

While one reported that the two remained late partying till Ranbir Katrina left almost instantly, even suggesting they could’ve gone someplace else to catch up. “They were at the party at the exact same time and also spoke to each other cordially. What is more, they seemed fairly comfortable around each other,” it reported.

There were also reports that hinted in a cold war involving both. Ranbir and Katrina remained at different corners of the area, not even glancing at one another. A source said, “Ranbir left early and Kat followed in a couple of minutes. There was no interaction whatsoever.”

Ranbir and Katrina have acquired a lot of promotion for their (not-so) hush hush romance over beach holidays and family dinners, plus it was shocking when they cut each other away recently. While the actors have stayed comfortably idiotic about their relationship status, we can not but help terming it ‘complicated!’.