CONGRATULATIONS! Heather Morris Welcomes Baby Boy No. 2

CONGRATULATIONS! Heather Morris Welcomes Baby Boy No. 2


Husband and the Glee star Taylor Hubbell welcomed their infant boy, a son, before today, as well as their second child made his utterly special introduction on Instagram.

“He’s really cute around babies and baby dolls and I adore it. He’s really excited to have somebody to play with because he’s at that age where he’s active and wants to do stuff,” Morris.

The blonde beauty formerly told us that she felt more conscious of what was happening along with her body, and the best way to remain in shape, as far as coping with pregnancy the 2nd time around.

“I don’t really have a lot of cravings this time. Just trying to eat really healthy. I’m kind of aware of what my body’s going through and what to expect and just more prepared and just being more body conscious, exercising and fit and ready. I go on the treadmill and take Pilates like once a week to make sure I’m staying in shape.”

She even shared a selfie from the gym recently, explaining that she was trying to walk everyday to help induce labor. “Gym time!