CONGRATULATIONS! Shah Rukh Khan becomes the fastest actor to enter Rs 2000...

CONGRATULATIONS! Shah Rukh Khan becomes the fastest actor to enter Rs 2000 crore club in Bollywood!


Shah Rukh Khan has formally shown he’s the real king of the film industry by not just the type of characters he does but also from the box office figures. The performer, that has consistently marketed his movies widely in abroad and India, recently marked his introduction in the Rs 2000 crore team. He’s become the third Indian performer to achieve that landmark.

2000 crore team. It was his movie Chennai Express directed by Rohit Shetty that paved means for astounding box office numbers for his part Rahul while SRK’s career graph continues to be on an all-time high from previous 5 years. Khiladi Akshay Kumar was the first one to accomplish that accomplishment followed by Salman Khan.

It is a much earned success for King Khan who sweat each movie he does and sets his blood. The performer not only sees that due credit is given by his movie to his costars but in addition makes sure the producers do not go under loss, thus each picture of his comes as a full fledged amusement bundle of a family entertainer.

This effort is the start in the great Shah Rukh Khan’s life, who’s still reaching millions of hearts in the age of 50 but does not look a day over 20!

  • promod222

    How can he be the fastest if he is not highest tax payers for many years? Akshay kumar is the highest tax payer for many years.