CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to Instagram, Donatella Versace!

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to Instagram, Donatella Versace!


We recently came to know : Congratulations! Welcome! A brand new account that is Instagram is unquestionably something to take pride in. So certainly, you understand what you are doing. All of US understand social media may be somewhat overwhelming at first many subtleties!

And here, some recognizable faces to keep an eye out for. (We are confident you will be making a cameo earlier as opposed to after.)

Because we’ve got a small favor to ask, but actually, Donatella, we are writing. Instagram is about access, in the end, a particular familiarity that is common, and actually, we should understand what it’s like: What Is a day in the life of Donatella? Is it flanked and filled with those shirtless, gold chain-wearing guys adorned with sixpacks who graced your Ice Bucket Challenge video? Are you going to give us a tutorial behind reaching your effortless-looking, impeccable smoky eye? Will we get a peek of your Versace insides that are gilded? A peek within your fridge? Your helper? (Please may we have all the aforementioned?)

Donatella, what we are saying is there is a dearth of glamor over here on our feeds, and we are waiting and ready. You could not have picked a better time–it is like Christmas has come early.