Corbyn Faces Pressure Over Top Occupations For Girls

Corbyn Faces Pressure Over Top Occupations For Girls


As his silence was kept by Jeremy Corbyn, labour’s new shadow chancellor has rejected accusations on the dearth of women in key functions.

“They aren’t top occupations.”

He was talking after Mr Corbyn refused to answer questions on the makeup of his shadow cabinet.
He’d been pressed about none of the crucial places had gone to girls, by Sky News but he failed to react.
Mr Corbyn continued walking as McCaffrey addressed several additional questions, and refused to reply.

“Why does one simply keep walking rather than answer the question? Have you been simply going to keep walking?” McCaffrey said.

Finally, Mr Corbyn said to some staffer: “There are people disturbing me.”

“Jeremy, we are not disturbing you. We are only asking valid questions regarding your shadow cabinet appointments,” McCaffrey responded.

Mr Corbyn had vowed to ensure half the shadow cabinet consists of girls, but some politicians noted the senior places all had gone to guys.

Labour MP Diana Johnson

Afterwards, McCaffrey said just a few of MPs really visited Mr Corbyn in person including Lord Falconer, David Lammy and Andy Burnham but the majority of the shadow cabinet was formed in crazy dialogs.

“Those dialogues dragged nicely to the evening with the growing amount of MPs saying they were reluctant to serve and others turning down standings.”

Before Mr Corbyn declared a number of new appointments.

Conquered direction nominee Andy Burnham was declared as the newest shadow home secretary.

The newest shadow chancellor is going to be Mr Corbyn’s direction campaign supervisor and fellow leftwing

MP John McDonnell.

Mr Burnham, who finished second in the direction race, was one of numerous centrist MPs set on Sunday into high profile occupations following a day of behind the scenes discussions.