Could new Game Of Thrones filming location giveaway a big character passing...

Could new Game Of Thrones filming location giveaway a big character passing in season 6?


With filming on season 6 of Game Of Thrones underway, casting reports and new pictures have suggested in the passing of a character that is hanging on to dear life for some time.

Non-publication readers may wonder regarding the need for the bridge, but also for people who are current with George R.R. Martin’s sprawling epic, you will understand that it means trouble for Balon Greyjoy.

Theon’s black dad is in fact supposed to be dead at least according to the novels, as his death is reported before the carnage of the Red Wedding to Catelyn stark.

Balon has managed to continue as far as season 6 together with the show now treading new ground as several the storylines surpass those in the novels.

Well, it seems like his time is up.

They were meant to symbolize the departures of Balon, Robb and Joffrey when three leeches threw on the fire many episodes past. The very first of those two and their makers matched at various married functions, but Balon has survived. It is also not unfair to say he is barely experienced the show since then!

That is where it gets interesting than it’s in the TV series as the Greyjoy storyline is a lot more built-in to the Game Of Thrones story in the novels. As Balon has a brother whom we’re to meet maybe it is a tiny realignment with large results.

Arya stepping up more Greyjoy activity and her assassin game may be on the cards for another set, and we can not wait!