COUPLE ALERT! Kapoor & Sons song Bolna is proof that Alia Bhatt...

COUPLE ALERT! Kapoor & Sons song Bolna is proof that Alia Bhatt has BETTER chemistry with Fawad Khan than with Sidharth Malhotra!


Sidharth Malhotra’s picture Kapoor & Sons, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan created an ideal buzz with the first preview of it’s. And imagine exactly what the treat from Sons & Kapoor continues.

The latest tune Bolna is outside now! Was it a great amount like Chull that does it or got you take the Valentines disposition forwards? Well, read Bolna tune review…

What’ hot: Arijit Singh shows he’s the newest King of Melody! Yet another reach intimate amount which will allow you to fall in love together with his voice is doled out by the vocalist.

Dr Devender Kafir lyrics and Tanishk Bagchi’s music will take one to a space that is wonderful. Sons & Kapoor is a movie that deals using their problems as well as a complex family.

The film also features some good gifts from Bollywood – Ratna Pathak Shah, Rishi Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor in notable parts.

Everybody hasn’t got talking about sizzling connection with Fawad Khan and Alia’s fresh pairing. We just cannot wait coz that is when we’ll reach see this lovely cast, for March 18 And Karan Johar three proteges, Shakun, Alia and Sidharth show their mettle in the box office.

Are you really thrilled about Sons & Kapoor?