Cranston Western Little League autumns to California 10-3

Cranston Western Little League autumns to California 10-3


While Western Cranston began the match strong in the initial inning, as Caleb Harris hit a leadoff home run and Can Adamec knocked to make it 2 – 0, they faced problem in the 3rd inning.

California tied it up using base.

Subsequently, a grand slam smashed to center field that was left, taking a 6-2 lead over Cranston.

Marchetti earned a run having a blast cutting deficit to the Cranston to 6-3, and pitcher Dylan Demers left California scoreless.

Several minutes after, Dante Schmid added to the lead in California using a solo home run, making it 9-3. They went to score another insurance run.

Western Cranston left base runners.

He told NBC 10 News he’s team that was proud of him.

“Some of the kids were starting to let their emotions beat them and I said, ‘Don’t let this take away from all the good you did. You’ve done so well,’” Bucci said.

He also said it was a “dream for me to get here,” and also noted that it will be “memory of a lifetime.”