Crew has released a poster for the approaching Ash vs. Evil Dead...

Crew has released a poster for the approaching Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series.


The promotion team behind Ash Vs Evil Dead has been spoiling us a little. Last week we got a brand new poster for the approaching TV show, and now they have summoned a second preview (hopefully not from the Necronomicon!).

It features the infamous Bruce Campbell standing using a chainsaw to get a hand on the hood of a car! Talk about establishing expectations.

Lots of what is on show here was also July preview, in the longer, but the new accessions continue to exemplify that Ash vs Evil Dead needs you laughing more than screaming.

Bruce Campbell is looking like he could be one of the next large MVPs of TV season. Reprising the part of Ash Campbell has not lost the glib, grinning means that earned iconic standing to the character. Much of the humor seems quite physical, which ought to be complicated by Campbell’s middle age (the performer’s now 57), adding another possibly quite humorous aspect to his conflict from the undead.

Against the Evil Dead, Ash is going to be facing off in the TV series as the destiny of humanity threatens.

Lucy Lawless (Xena, Spartacus) is also on board, playing a “mystical figure,” known as Ruby, who considers that Ash might cause the Bad outbreaks.

Campbell expects that longtime devotees will probably not be unhappy using the unrestricted and violence tone of the show. He recently said during a panel that blood gaged and blinded him, so that may be guaranteeing.