Cricketer Virat Kohli DESPERATE to win back Anushka Sharma!

Cricketer Virat Kohli DESPERATE to win back Anushka Sharma!


Nonetheless, thanks to Bollywood’s other schisms – Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, Farhan Akhtar and wife Adhuna Akhtar, this one made us question if 2016 is jinxed as far as Bollywood relationships and romances are concerned.

Just that unlike the other mentioned relationships, Anushkavirat’s love story has a little turn. Wonder what it’s?

Virat and Anushka have parted ways for certain, however a source near ladylove and the cricketer disclosed that Kohli is not over Anushka.

The truth is, if our source will be believed afterward Virat is striving really difficult to woo Anushka back.

“Anushka and Virat did break up because of some issues that they have been facing for quite some time now. Virat wants to get hitched, but Anushka is not ready for marriage. They are very much committed to each other, but talks of marriage has a rift”, revealed a source.

The source further added, “Virat is still very much in love with Anushka and wants to get back with her.”

The celebrity isn’t shedding any beans and yet has been dignified about her break with boyfriend. In fact she’s quite safeguarded and has refrained from discussing anything and Virat is just speaking work right now and related to him. Does this mean the couple make up and could reconsider sometime shortly? Well, we definitely expect so.