CUTE WISH! Selena Gomez’s Plan To Become A Mom Even If She...

CUTE WISH! Selena Gomez’s Plan To Become A Mom Even If She Never Finds Mr Right


Aww, we are able to put in the #targets list of Selena Gomez a child! Despite the fact that she hasn’t had the greatest chance with guys, we were reported that she is decided to have a baby, even if Mr. Right does not come along!

23, Selena Gomez, has more in store for her life unbelievable records, than red carpets and sold out tours. She’s bound and discovered that she is likely to be a mother, even if she does not have a guy in her life!

She is willing to trade away the glamorous life the simple joy of being a parent.

“Selena knows with her celebrity and past relationships that it will be hard to lock down a man. There is just too much that goes with it. The paparazzi, the constant travel and distance with careers and everything in between that causes a struggle. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be a mother. She wants that experience,” a source tells

We understand Selena absolutely adores kids, as she is shown us time and time again at home she’s with youngsters. And who could forget how adorable she was with ex-husband Justin Bieber’s small half-brother sister and Jazmyn and Jaxon. Sel undoubtedly has a motherly side, but we only understand the best guy will come along for her who’ll be an ideal dad for just about any future ones that are small.