Cuttest couple Still ”Very Much” in the Honeymoon Phase as One-Year Anniversary...

Cuttest couple Still ”Very Much” in the Honeymoon Phase as One-Year Anniversary Approaches


Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshawe’s one-year wedding anniversary is just around the corner.

“I have to think of something to do,” the Oscar winner admitted to me this weekend in the L.A. premiere of his new movie The Danish Girl (in theaters Nov. 27).

The two were married during a super private ceremony in Somerset, England on Dec. 15, 2014.

“Is not there a whole sequence of things you’re meant to do?” Redmayne asked.

Like observing with presents made from paper?

“What can you do with paper?” Redmayne said. “Origami? Some really intense origami?”

Hannah was more than very happy to jump on a plane to be with her hubby for his big night. “Hannah was like, ‘Sunshine? Vitamin D?’ I mean, it was snowing yesterday in London,” Redmayne said. “So Hannah was like, ‘I will come on that excursion for sure.'”

But they jumped right back on plane to London because Redmayne was due back to keep on shooting the Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them before the red carpet screening even ended.

“We are just likely to be at home,” he said of their Christmas plans. “It’s been such a crazy year.”

And it’ll be more of the same in the next few months. Redmayne will snag this awards season to many nominations for his work in The Danish Girl as artist Lile Elbe, the first person to undergo sexual reassignment operation.

See you!