DAMN IT! Fawad Khan will be missing from the Ae Dil Hai...

DAMN IT! Fawad Khan will be missing from the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil promotions and it’s NOT coz of the BAN!


We all have been hearing stories on Fawad Khan will not be part of promotions for Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The performer is becoming the face of the ongoing controversy of prohibition on Pakistani artistes in India. Many reports implied that Fawad flew back to his home country Pakistan and escaped the Indian wrath following this whole controversy. But the reality is slightly different. The Khoobsurat star was already in Lahore when the Uri assaults took place and furor over Pakistani artistes broke. And it was only that the ban was imposed. So him after the warning issued by political parties like MNS flying out of India are baseless and all false. Also Read: Fawad Khan is blessed with an infant girl!

Another fact that is vital for us to highlight is the real reason why he will be missing from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s promotions which will kick start soon. Reports imply that the ban imposed is the principal reason Fawad will give the promotions a miss. But the fact is far different this. The actual story is that Fawad was never supposed to market this Ranbir – Aishwarya starrer. The Sons & Kapoor star had definitely told Karan Johar manner in advance that he won’t have the ability to market the film for two main reasons. Secondly the sensation that is Pakistani has a cameo in Karan’s next picture. It’s Ranbir who is really the lead actor and hence it is advisable not and that viewers see him Fawad. So it’d not be fair if just Fawad is asked to promote and the after is blown off!

The celebrity hasn’t denied he isn’t going to be a part of promotions whatsoever. But it is simply in the end he should be introduced. Karan had planned a schedule for promoting his movie considerably ahead of time. He always thought of bringing Fawad towards the end but the recent ban has definitely get the director in a fix. The Student of the Year director has now determined to organize a promotional tour where Fawad can participate with the movie’s star cast Ranbir, Aishwarya and Anushka. The decision appears wise and this will be the last destination where the movie will be marketed and well thought.

We are conscious of the fact that Fawad is a craze that is huge not only in our neighbouring country but also in India. We are certain Karan has an idea about his popularity and thus he won’t risk removing the star entirely from the promotion. So for all those who find themselves dying to see the star, we suppose you need certainly to apply for a London visa shortly!