DARING! Kangana Ranaut Admits She Was Beaten & Left To Bleed, By...

DARING! Kangana Ranaut Admits She Was Beaten & Left To Bleed, By A Man From Film Industry!


Kangana Ranaut is certainly among the very unafraid performers of Bollywood. And that is why the woman never hesitate to shed the truth before the media, irrespective of what! Lately, while speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Kangana made a shocking revelation about her violent relationship using a guy in the film industry.

She said; “He did not distort my opinion of me. I got up from the floor and hit him right back so that he bled too. And then I lodged an FIR against him.”

She added, “I realised very clearly and very early in life that I don’t wish to be in any kind of relationship where someone else has an upper hand over me.” She went on to add that, “Sayani ladki kisi ko achhi nahin lagti. Most people thought, she must be a bitch, being in control of herself. The urban feminist. The lizard with frizzy hair!”

“Growing up, I was made to believe that I was a liability but somehow, despite all these outdated notions surrounding me, I never actually felt that way. I never thought of myself as a burden, so I challenged the beliefs of my parents. Leaving home was my only option and since then, I have gone through failure, humiliation, rejection and even abuse,” revealed Kangana.

She added, “And it has all taught me so much. The world thought of me as a loser when I started out but I never saw myself as a loser. I know that it is all that rejection and failure that has helped shape me into what you see today. I was ridiculed because of my poor grasp of English and so I took that as a cue to learn English and then reach out to more people.”