DATE TIME! Shah Rukh Khan keen to go on a Dilwale date...

DATE TIME! Shah Rukh Khan keen to go on a Dilwale date with Deepika Padukone!


Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan might be clashing with Dilwale their various pictures and Bajirao Mastani in the box office!

The two respect each other! So much that DP had tweeted saying she is waiting to see Dilwale and misses being with Shah Rukh.

Lots of love of #Dilwale to Rohit, you as well as the whole team! Well, while reports indicate DP already were able to see Dilwale with her set of buddies on December 20.

Shah Rukh is upset together with the reality that he wasn’t invited by his Om Shanti Om smasher for a picture date! Yes!

In a recent interview with a web-based portal site, when SRK was requested to remark on Deepika’s interest to look at Dilwale, he explained, “Deepika is going to be seeing Dilwale before me in a theater, I never have seen it yet.

Wish she’d called me to see the movie along with her. I’ve been attempting to view Dilwale in the theater and whenever I get the opportunity to, I’d prefer to view Bajirao Mastani, also. It goes without saying really.

Then we’d some problems although he was really going into a theater and so he needed to return, he needed to work out that first. In another two days even I’ll see Dilwale in the theatre.”

Since sums up the wonderful equation between Deepika no, and Shah Rukh?