What about Daylight Saving Time in 2015?

What about Daylight Saving Time in 2015?


In the United States the spring Daylight Saving Time will be at This month on Sunday, March 8, 2015 about 2 am. At 50 states, Americans should have to be ready for spring forward and set their clocks forward one hour at 2 am.

Last year experts said that there is a relation between daylight saving time and an increase in heart attacks. Reuters reported

If you want to know about Daylight Saving Time, there are about 5 things you have to be aware on it

1- You should know that there is no federal law concerning Daylight Saving Time

2- The Daylight Saving Time is singular not plural

3- Benjamin Franklin who conceived of Daylight Saving Time during world
war 1 at the 20th Century

He get the idea during a trip to Paris where he noticed on that time, if people got up earlier they wouldn’t have to use more candles.

4- The time change ends on the first Sunday in November because it changed in US 2007 on the second sunday of March.

5- during World War I, UK joined to US in monitoring Daylight Saving Time change

Finally don’t be worry from the change in your sleep time, just start to move your bedtime 15 minutes earlier today, and wake up another 15 minutes earlier tomorrow and On Sunday you’ll be set.