Deep roots in American culture which make Dairy Queen special

Deep roots in American culture which make Dairy Queen special


On Monday Dairy Queen will celebrate its 75th anniversary with free ice cream. A few days earlier and despite a nationwide scare over tainted ice cream the promotion generated plenty of buzz.

Over the last 10 years, only Dairy Queen has seen steady increases in its sales and was on the top U.S. ice cream chains, according to sales estimates by food industry research firm Technomic. rival chains like
Baskin-Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery are in decline as consumers turn towards healthier options like frozen yogurt, whose self-serve setups allow better control over price. Dairy Queen was the only ice cream company with an extensive menu beyond the sweet stuff.

For example, Ben & Jerry’s event shows that they might not be effective in encouraging people to return for a second. So costs aren’t the only thing keeping the number of freebies down, the country’s only regular
special is Ben & Jerry’s annual Free Cone Day and Free ice cream deals are actually pretty rare.

In 2014, when searches for ice cream or other big-name ice cream brands tend to peak every year and according to Google Trends data, Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t seem to be a hot search topic during the summer months.

In the company’s 75th anniversary we have to say that its deep roots in American culture, what makes it special.