Wink Wink DEEP! Shahid Kapoor clicks his love and it’s no less...

Wink Wink DEEP! Shahid Kapoor clicks his love and it’s no less than a painting – view pic!


It’s sorta wonderful to see two people in love specially when you know they are growing together in an arranged marriage.

The adorable captions that Sasha uses to explain his pretty wife demonstrates how obsessed he’s with the love of his life.

It’s a thing that you’ve NEVER seen before… Taking his ‘Mira obsession’ to an all new degree, Sasha simply shared this intriguing image of Mira with a caption saying, “Clicked not painted by me. see her through my eyes.”

Now how extreme is that? Don’t miss the impression of Shahid’s palm. Quite an artistic side, must say.

Mira is undoubtedly one lucky, lucky girl to get this kind of loving husband like Shahid who only cannot stop crushing on her.

Given that Valentines’ day too is around the corner, Shahid further disclosed his lovey dovey plans in a interview saying, ”I will take my wife out and be nice to her. You are supposed to take a gift or something. I should have said that. I will be shot dead when I get back. But yes, we will do wonderful lovey dovey things.”

Ahem! Looks like Sasha is all set to ring in the Valentines’ this season. Wink, wink!