Deepika Padukone Admire Sonam Kapoor’s Sense of Style

Deepika Padukone Admire Sonam Kapoor’s Sense of Style


Sonam and Deepika may not be the greatest of pals but they made their Bollywood debut on precisely the same day with Saawariya and Om Shanti Om respectively in 2007.

And eversince, the celebrities have been compared against each other for their trend sensibilities from their box-office achievements. Deepika who recently launched her own label ‘All About You’ in partnership spoke about the people she respected the most in regard to style.


Kalki has an extremely different awareness of style “Sonam dresses up really well… Kalki has a very distinct sense of style.” Umm…did we hear this right? Just for the record, Sonam Kapoor hasn’t really had very kind things to say about Deepika’s sense of style! So is the Om Shanti Om actress extending an olive branch to her fashionista contemporary?

Dippy additionally spoke about SRK and ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, saying, “I believe Shah Rukh dresses extremely nicely. Personally, ex has a style which I’d want a guy to have that is basic jeans and T shirt and he also seems quite comfortable in what he wears. Ranbir Kapoor is somebody with an extremely interesting personal fashion.”

But the ultimate flattery would go to her rumoured boyfriend Ranveer Singh, who she says embodies ‘All About You’. Shah says, “I think he’s also someone, who has a really different fashion.

Ranveer is someone in a sense who embodies what ‘All About You’ is. We as a brand believe it’s actually about you, garments that you wear are extension of your character and what you believe in.