Delhi Concert Of Ghulam Ali Postponed

Delhi Concert Of Ghulam Ali Postponed


Days before he was to perform in Delhi, Pakistani singer say reports. This comes a month subsequent to the ghazal singer’s concert was cancelled after threats in the Shiv Sena in Mumbai.

Ghulam Ali was given an invitation to perform in Delhi following the cancellation of his Mumbai programme by the Aam Aadmi Party government. The concert in the national capital was scheduled to be held on November 8.

Shiv Sena had issued an ultimatum saying that the date for Delhi concert will not allow the concert to occur soon after it was announced. The Delhi government had said that it would put together all resources and place AAP volunteers for additional security to ensure the concert occurs.

Delhi tourism minister Kapil Mishra, who was instrumental in organizing the occasion, said it was not fortunate politics had been played over music. “You propagate hate, we support brotherhood. You bow thorns, we grow flowers,” the minister tweeted.

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis overly had extended an invitation to the ghazal maestro, saying his government will ensure foolproof security if he still wishes to perform in town.

“Last time the event failed to happen as the organisers backed out. But if Ghulam Ali ji desires to perform again in Mumbai or Maharashtra, we are going to ensure foolproof security for him,” Fadnavis said in a media event in Mumbai last week.

Attempting to play down the competitive posturing of Sena towards the government despite being an ally, Fadnavis said the two parties work in tandem with each other without any “problems” and comments made (by Sena) in Marathi are often misunderstood by the national media.