Demi Lovato Takes a Dig at ‘Stalker Sarah’: ‘Stay The F*** Away...

Demi Lovato Takes a Dig at ‘Stalker Sarah’: ‘Stay The F*** Away From Me’ You ‘Leech’


Shots fired! Demi Lovato is in a major feud with internet star Stalker Sarah. The ‘Assured’ vocalist called after she posted pictures of her sister, Madison De La Garza Sarah outside.

Demi Lovato is distressed with Stalker Sarah. The internet star is famous for posting selfies with celebs — she’s even shot a few with Demi — but once she posted an image of Demi’s sister, Desperate Housewives star Madison De La Garza, all hell broke loose. Demi called Stalker Sarah a “leech” before saying stay the f*** away from me.” Ouch! Browse the rest of Demi’s tweets here.

“Crave with my babe and captioned it, when Stalker Sarah posted a picture,” Demi reacted by saying, “THIS IS MY 14 YEAR OLD BABY SISTER. You are a 20 year old fame LEECH. SHE’S NOT YOUR SMASHER.”
“For anyone this girl does not have any regard for anyone being but her own. My family is not afraid to press charges,” Demi included.

Moreover, only last month, Stalker Sarah posted a photograph with Demi. She captioned the picture, “ having a blast at@dallaslovatome‘s showcase with my girl @ ddlovato @maddieleedelagarza merely killed it! So happy with my babes.” And Demi remarked on it, saying, “I’m not your f***ing girl. If I was you would not be asking for photographs. You STALK PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. We’re NOT FRIENDS. Stay the f*** away from me and most importantly me family.”We’re not just sure why Demi got so upset by the pictures, but Stalker Sarah has been a devotee of Demi for quite some time.