Did the Irish priest onboard the Titanic take a “selfie”?

Did the Irish priest onboard the Titanic take a “selfie”?


The cover of new publication, “The Life and Lens of Father Browne,” shows the subject taking a photo of himself in the mirror at the barber’s.

1985, Father Eddie O’Donnell located a jar shoe containing 42000 negatives. These were the work of Father Browne’s life. Ever since then Fr O’Donnell writen of more than 20 books of Father Browne’s photographs, such as the latest tome and endorsed and has curated the variety.

When his photographs, obtained by aboard RMS Titanic, were printed in newspapers world wide  and become first aware of Father Browne in 1912.

As being a chaplain Father Browne joined the British Army in 1916, offering with all the Irish Pads to the front-line through the First World War, and taking pictures whenever feasible. He was wounded five situations, gassed, and honored the Military Combination and Bar. He was defined by his commanding officer, Field Marshall Alexander as “the bravest guy I ever met.”

Throughout his longevity Father Browne mixed his primary vocation as a Jesuit priest, with a remarkable photographic career. In reputation of his ability Kodak gave him free video forever in 1933. He fulfilled several profits while the Chapel of England the ESB, British Public, as well as the OPW for such bodies. Interestingly his photographs were used to illustrate Noel Browne’s brochure around the Mom and Child Plan.

By the occasion he died in 1960 Father Browne had been neglected by several, and his repository set undisturbed for 25 years when Eddie O’Donnell SJ discovered a tin trunk containing 42,000 negatives, on highly-combustible cellulose nitrate. The book gives of how a series came to be maintained a fascinating consideration.