Did you know Fawad Khan was picked on in school?

Did you know Fawad Khan was picked on in school?


The generally reserved actor opened up on Indian TV show Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan, disclosing many details about his school days and early career — including a shocking disclosure that he is not consistently been Mr. Popular.

“I was picked on and I was bullied in school. Now I look at it in a very funny way, I studied in an American school and the idea of brown and white people just didn’t mix too well, I think,” he explained.

But it wasn’t his size that got him bullied. In fact, according to Mr. Popular, he participated in sports and had an athletic built in school. “I was kind of bullied that way too, and also because I was the silent one in the course. I do not enjoy confrontation, it is avoided by me. I hate arguments,” he added.

Fawad additionally admitted to not being the brightest lightbulb in school. “I actually do not understand what I was doing in school. I think I daydreamed and slept my way through courses,” said Fawad.

While studies might not have been his strong suit, his love for cartoons kept him preoccupied and they do.

“Fawad was a really big animation buff. I am.”

Fawad studied software engineering, and remembers his time in school as the “four most piteous academic years of my life”. But that period was likewise a blessing in disguise because that’s when he met his EP bandmates and ventured into acting and music.

“Fawad was bunking courses and working in a sitcom,” divulged the celebrity. “And then we began an underground group. By the time I graduated I was a C class pupil… but I have no regrets about that,” said the celebrity with a smile.

“Mujhay nawkri nahi mil rahi thi (the actor couldn’t find a job), and I’d no other way of making money, so I became an actor,” he said

He clarified that this doesn’t mean he does not place his heart into acting. “If I am doing something then I might as well do it right. I attempted a 9-5 job, and I could not do it.

He also disclosed that his favourite Kapoor in Bollywood is Rishi Kapoor. “As a kid back home in Pakistan, I didn’t have use of films so I used to rent VHS tapes and watch movies of Rishi Kapoor. Hence, now I am more than thrilled to work with the kid,” Fawad said.

The Pakistani celebrity who made his Bollywood debut with Khoobsurat never really believed he was an attractive man. “I’m probably better looking than the average person, although not beyond that. The actor figure that is what keeps me in check.”