Do you want to purchase milkshake including pure, edible gold?

Do you want to purchase milkshake including pure, edible gold?


A chef in UK, Luckman Ali claims to have created the most lavish milkshake with each serving featuring genuine, edible gold – in the UK.

Luckman, 24, who sells the creations said each portion includes about two teaspoons of gold flakes.

After being inspired by magnificent Nyc cocktails Luckman’s wife Zaynah developed the idea, and he explained the edible gold flakes are particularly imported by him in the United States.

He explained, “I believe this can be the priciest milkshake on earth. We squeeze chocolate syrup along with edible 22-carat golden syrup.
In addition to the milkshake we set whipped cream and after that scatter it with 22-carat gold flakes.”

“It seems awesome.

And despite the 400-calorie delicacy being packaged with gourmet gold, it’ll just set you back GBP10.

Luckman said, “It Is actually a deal for a little gold. As far as we know it’s the only real genuine golden milkshake in britain.

“We’d been planning the opening for some time and we knew the mayor would come and so we needed to produce something uncommon.

“You can place anything in a milkshake so we thought let us discover something actually distinct.

“We have got the certifications showing it is gold and it is edible,” he asserted.


Speaking of the response he’s gotten from his customers, the chef said, “People don’t think of posh milkshakes but here you are. I haven’t come across anyone else who has done it. Since we opened we’ve had a number of people try it and they’ve absolutely loved it. We haven’t had loads though as it is quite expensive.”