Donald Trump Slams ‘Overrated’ Megyn Kelly After Fox News Defends Her

Donald Trump Slams ‘Overrated’ Megyn Kelly After Fox News Defends Her


The war between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump is far from over! After the GOP nominee blasted on its anchorman for his continuous tears, he immediately snapped back by declaring her ‘overrated.’ See his mad tweet here! Donald Trump scarcely backs down on anything that is particularly so when it comes to Megyn Kelly, although he says! What’s going to Fox Megyn or News need to convey to that?!

Fox News should have believed he eventually took matters too much on March 18 although Donald has shaded Megyn time and time again. After he tweeted about boycotting Megyn’s show, the network called Trump outside for having a “sick fixation” with her. Needless to say, it did not take long to fire back!

“So the tremendously overrated anchorman, @megynkelly, is permitted to always say terrible things about me on her show, but I can not fight back? Incorrect!” he tweeted on March 20. As well as the conflict continues!

This appeared to function as the tip of the iceberg for Megyn’s network, as he even went as far as backing from an Iowa argument, and has called her terrible names in the press because she’d be moderating it. “Megyn is a model journalist plus among the top anchormen in America – we are incredibly happy with her incredible work and keep to completely support her throughout every day of Trump’s never-ending barrage of petroleum and sexist verbal assaults.”Megyn has yet to express her opinion on Fox News’ statement, but clearly Trump was not going to let anyone have the final word other than him!