Donald Trump: Syrian refugees would be sent home

Donald Trump: Syrian refugees would be sent home


Donald Trump has said he’d send home all Syrian refugees if he becomes president, the US allows.

It indicates a reversal in policy – he told previously this month.

A migrant disaster has gripped parts of Europe as well as ., the US has vowed to take 10,000 refugees from Syria next year.

Half a million folks have crossed over the Mediterranean using the greatest amount from Syria, in 2015.

He was severely criticised after saying undocumented Mexican immigrants were “bringing drugs, they are bringing offense, they are rapists”.

About sending Syrians house his latest remarks are more consistent although at odds with what he said previously this month.

Asked whether he believed a few of the migrants travelling into Europe ought to be permitted in america, the business mogul said: “I loathe the idea of it, but on a humanitarian basis, with what is occurring, you’ve got to.”

He attributed President Barack Obama for the disaster and included: “It Is living in nightmare in Syria.

They’ve been residing in hell.”

The US has let to re-settle Syrians 1,500 since the beginning of the battle four years ago.

Several Democrats have encouraged the amount of Syrians to boost.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has vowed to take more refugees world-wide, increasing the annual limit from 85,000 next year 70,000 and to 100,000 in 2017.