DON’T MISS Sona Mohapatra and Adhyayan Suman’s NASTY twitter fight over Kangana...

DON’T MISS Sona Mohapatra and Adhyayan Suman’s NASTY twitter fight over Kangana Ranaut!


The legal tussle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan is becoming murkier everyday. Only when things could not get dirtier, Kangy’s ex beau Adhyayan Suman revealed within an open interview with DNA some shocking details of their relationship that left everyone stunned. The Raaz 2 celebrity talked about how he was mistreated, mentally tortured and he even promised about her performance black magic on him and more.

After this interview the Queen celebrity faced lots of backlash. The truth is, Kangana was being trolled by twitteratis with hashtag #CharcterlessKangana. Nevertheless seems like she’s found instead well or one supporter wisher in vocalist Sona Mohapatra. Yes recently the singer and Adyayan had an ugly Twitter fight over Kangana Ranaut. Sona went on a rant and lashed out at Adhyayan who gave it back as well.

Sona, “Boo Hooooo Mr SumanJr. Ask daddy to buy you something special again. Maybe brain surgery”.

SumanJr reverts back, “@sonamohapatra ask ur father to get you a heart transplant done..make sure that the heart is compassionate and sensitive!”.

Sona hits back too with series of tweets, “@sonamohapatra sure! And my father has taught me to speak the truth ! All the best to you too..”. The SumanJr. interview tells us exactly what is wrong with the ‘business’ of Bollywood.Daddies,a lack of ability; even tell a linear story.

Q. What is Suman Jr.’s favourite drink?

A. An impure bloody-Mary.

Adhyayan Suman’s interview surely has got mixed reactions. What do you think?