Dozens wounded in Indian holy city riots

Dozens wounded in Indian holy city riots


LUCKNOW: Paramilitaries and additional police were deployed to the Indian holy city after almost 50 individuals were injured during riots where a police post was torched and tons of vehicles.

A court recently prohibited the immersions to make an effort to control pollution of the sacred river, but the sadhus say their faith is contravened by the opinion.

Officials in town, which will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary seat, said as a mob went on the rampage through the roads, the situation shortly escalated.

Varanasi is among earth ‘s earliest cities plus the holiest city in Hinduism.

Akash Kulhari, a senior superintendent of police, said eight civilians and 40 policemen were injured in the battles.

Rajmani Yadav, the district magistrate said although several of those injured said the situation had been brought under control, he were in critical state.

Additional security forces were out to the roads although an overnight curfew had been lifted.

Varanasi, in the east of the giant state is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus before scattering their relatives’ ashes, who generally cremate they there.

While other areas are often blighted by violence between Muslims and Hindus, violence is very uncommon in Varanasi.