Dream Tour Performance! Aditya Roy Kapur goes down on his knees for...

Dream Tour Performance! Aditya Roy Kapur goes down on his knees for Katrina Kaif and it’s total Aashiqui


While most people are busy speculating about Katrina Kaif’s relationship status. Look what we just found! Here’s a video of Aditya Roy Kapur going down on his knees for Ms Kaif and no we’re not kidding! This morning this really happened in Chicago. The Aashiqui vibe was recreated by Adi by holding Katrina’s hands to the tunes of Tum Hi Ho and lied down on her feet, dying to hear a yes from the woman. But before the firearms jump if Katrina and Adi are seriously dating afterward to reasoning that ain’t authentic! The two are just good buddies or say professionals who are only bringing their A game to the stage with every next performance. So the love affair is for you yourself to see and not for them to truly believe in. But yea, none can deny the two truly seem really adorable!

Coming to the video again, just as Aditya falls on Katrina’s feet, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra too are seen joining in and trying to woo Ms Kaif. However, the highlight of the video is when a coat is farther grabbed by Jr Dhawan and recreates the epic Aashiqui pose with Katrina. Oh! It funny! In fact, this video proves how a Dream Team has gelled well with each other. It’s like everyone seems good with everyone! Don’t you think so? Katrina with Aditya, Sidharth or Varun – all three jodis look so hot together that we can’t determine who’s hotter!