Drunk Alia Bhatt Calls Her Father A ‘Gorilla’ LOL!

Drunk Alia Bhatt Calls Her Father A ‘Gorilla’ LOL!


Alia Bhatt, the bubbly young celebrity, adores her daddy Mahesh Bhatt in and very much a loving way, ended up calling him a Gorilla, as he cannot conceal his feelings & emotions.

Alia Bhatt says, “My father is a very passionate person. Whenever he gets excited about something, he begins to thump his chest and scratch himself. Sometimes he even tears off his shirt and pounds the sofa. Basically he turns into a gorilla.”

Alia Bhatt, thrilled the crowd present there with her humorous antics, and was in her most funny disposition in a comedy show. She certainly knows the best way to get folks laugh challenging! We expect Mahesh Bhatt will even laugh it away and take it as a joke that is good. Alia Bhatt, is now marketing her forthcoming film Kapoor & Sons, Fawad Khan and along with her boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra.

The threesome, Fawad, Sidharth and Alia are seen in several TV channels marketing their movie on various shows. Tunes the preview and poster of the film was adored by the crowds and folks are eagerly looking forward to the films launch on March 18, 2016.