Ehem Ehem! Gwen Stefani & Miranda Lambert’s Showdown — Ready To Confront...

Ehem Ehem! Gwen Stefani & Miranda Lambert’s Showdown — Ready To Confront Each Other


It’s quite clear matters are serious and real between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, and his ex, Miranda Lambert, is prepared to hash things.

Gwen is down, too, and the women are currently gearing up for an explosive showdown, a brand new report claims. Uh-oh!

This mightn’t end nicely. Gwen Stefani, 46, and Miranda Lambert, 32, obviously aren’t the greatest of buddies — one is Blake Shelton’s present girlfriend, the other is his ex wife — but that’s not preventing them from meeting face to face, according to a new report.

Get the scoop on the ladies’ reported plans to get a confrontation right here! Clearly there’s some animosity here: Gwen and Blake started dating just months after Miranda’s divorce in the country singer in July.

But, in contact with Blake, time, Miranda has allegedly been at the same because the split, and that clearly doesn’t sit with Gwen. But despite these differences, the women are prepared to sit down, and confrontation will be “explosive,” an insider tells InTouch.

“Gwen paraded her love affair with Blake like it was some big prize she won at the county fair, to make her feel better regarding the conclusion of her union to Gavin Rossdale,” the mag reports.

“It wasn’t reasonable and it was not fine. And, in the exact same time, the source adds, “Miranda does not hold back when she conveys with Blake, whether it’s through texts that she understands Gwen will see, phone calls or through mutual friends. Gwen feels when she does it Miranda is hurt and acting out. But even though she knows that, it does not bite any less.”

And Miranda does not desire to damage her ex’s new woman and while Gwen wants peace between everyone, it might just end up coming to that. “Occasionally she can not control herself,” the mags Miranda source describes. “If Gwen were to set her away somehow, then the gloves would definitely come off.” She just won’t be satisfied until she’s come to terms with the Gwen situation though she is move on with Anderson East, 27. “That is exactly what will give her the close she needs,” the source concludes. Yikes!