EHEM! Fawad Khan,Christian Grey,Harshvardhan Kapoor,Fifty Shades of Grey

EHEM! Fawad Khan,Christian Grey,Harshvardhan Kapoor,Fifty Shades of Grey


No kidding there, right? Okay, let’s talk about how hot Fawad Khan is and take a second here. As he is staying a bit away from Bollywood, courtesy the political unrest between both the nations he’s actually stolen our hearts and taken it back to Pakistan. But looks like he certainly has left a really good impact to us. Not only us but even Bollywood celebrities. And one such lad who has located his Grey that is Christian is none besides the business’s latest entrant, Harshvardhan Kapoor! The Mirzya actor, who decided not to seem overly haughty and picked to let the Grey part that is Christian visit the Pakistani heartthrob. Some literature would have the desired effect, if by now you don’t understand who Christian Grey is I suggest you pay a bit more heed to Hollywood news and of course. He’s the sadistic fan of Anastasia Steele in EL James’ famed Fifty Shades franchise. Known for his eccentric though magnetic disposition in the novel, the character shortly rose to acclaim and has been obsessed over by girls ever since.

To this, the actor gave a rather enchanting reply as he said I would like to say myself but folks would think I’m too vain and haughty so I’m gonna avoid doing that. I think Fawad.” That ’s undoubtedly quite correct. This is one fantasy that we wish could come true although there are lots of clauses and limitations that Mr Khan has!

Now we know how things usually are not working fine for the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil celebrity with respect to his Bollywood career. With the present political unrest clouding India and Pakistan, the artistes have also been on the receiving end with India prohibiting Pakistani artistes. Ah, poor times don’t give a warning but surely we can hope for better days and that additionally includes back Fawad’s entry in Bollywood between the nations sorting along with political scenes. Having said all that, let’s go to Harshvardhan Kapoor’s minded reply for all the Christian Grey buffs over who else can play with the character. After seeing the trailer of Fifty Shades Darker that released sometime ago girls might be dying of anticipation.

Although Nasty said that Fawad would be suitable to play with Christian Grey, one cannot discount how he revealed that he himself would be inclined to play the role. The actor only made his Bollywood debut in Rakyesh Omprekash Mehra’s Mirzya. The debutant’s acting abilities were raved about although the picture didn’t do well with critics as well as box office. Maybe he could be one helluva Christian Grey, given a chance! Take a look at the video below!

What are your thoughts? Vote for the celebrity who you believe would be a better Christian Grey. Stay tuned to latest updates on Bollywood and this space for more rumors!