Ehem!! This is what Deepika Padukone is doing in LA!

Ehem!! This is what Deepika Padukone is doing in LA!


The actor often goes live on his page, occasionally to speak about his pictures he gives a glance of his family. It starts with Vin going on a gush-fest about Deepika right from calling her “a very unique individual” to adding on that “the world will understand who she is after the film releases”, he keeps singing compliments repeating how “he’s quite happy that she’s in the picture and has brought her magic to the new xXx”. Not to forget, Deepika plants a kiss on his cheek, while he raves about her value in his picture. However, the highlight of the video has to be when Deepika returns back the love by teaching him to say “I love You” in Hindi. Yes! This occurred! Certainly, two of them became friends while shooting this movie. The performer is currently in LA and eventually we know why she’s there.

The manager of the film D. J. Curo shared a picture of the actress dubbing for the film with these lines on Twitter #xxx #xandercagereturn s @deepikapadukone looping in LA. #nailedit. The picture’s shoot guess the celebrity is now dubbing for the movie and wrapped up long back. Next year it releases in January, we too can’t wait to see the movie either, so when Diesel and Deepika says in the video.

Additionally there are reports that Diesel will fly down to promote the film with Deepika. Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom 18 has recently began. Deepika and Vin are promoting on twitter. If it is closer to release in India we are going to begin on ground promotions of the movie. In the past we had Tom Cruise here for ‘Mission Impossible 4’. We’re trying to get Vin Diesel here. If we get him, we will be very excited.” When asked if there a premier planned in India for the movie, Ajit said, “Those plans are on but they’re not confirmed yet. Many states have such strategies.” He included, “ so we’ve big plans These are huge pictures. It’s a worldwide picture so there’s demand from lot of territories (referring to on earth promotions). India has to compete with China, Japan and other territories.”

We can only hope that as it will be intriguing witness their chemistry for real Vin does come down to promote the film.