Elite Pakistan private school turns penitentiary for principal barred from doing occupation

Elite Pakistan private school turns penitentiary for principal barred from doing occupation


The principal of Pakistan’s most well-known school continues to be essentially confined to his on-campus bungalow for a month carrying out a bitter falling out with all the board of governors, who he says thing to reforms that supposedly cost the grandchildren of a few of the strongest guys in the united states enviable spots.

A high court order, bans Agha Ghazanfar, a prominent academic and former senior bureaucrat from even walking on the extensive yards of its own vast campus in Lahore or running Aitchison college.

He’s said he’s filling his time composing a “prisoner’s diary” about the weird limbo he’s caught up in after taking legal action from the school’s decision in July to dismiss him only seven months after he took over.

Even though the judgment of dismissal of Ghanzanfar overturned, it afterwards ruled while legal action grinds on, he couldn’t do his job – but could utilize his official residence.

Created by the British in 1886 to educate princelings, Aitchison remains a bastion of the elite in the nation, with many senior figures taught in its grand buildings.

Talking to the Guardian from his house in the school property, Ghazanfar described the school as “like a microcosm of the united states as a whole”, maintaining that’s “rife with corruption, mismanagement and nepotism”.

He explained: “Before I came I was told the greatest challenge is going to be resisting the pressure of politicians, wealthy businessman, those who control enormous levels of resources since the tradition was that seats may be bought.”

Ghazanfar arrived after his longstanding forerunner stepped down about entrance exam results being supposedly fudged to favour the low-scoring kids of alumni that were strong.

Ghazanfar swapped an examination at 6am on the morning of the test with among his own devising.
The teachers scheduled to indicate the documents were also changed as well as the marking was rigorously supervised in a room. After in-depth assessment marks were printed on the school web site, parents were also encouraged to come and study the newspapers.

Ghazanfar asserts that in the wake he came from board members who at the time were trying to renegotiate his contract.

The board, which will be controlled by alumni, declared his contract were terminated while he was away on vacation in britain in July.

The son of Sadiq, whose, told Pakistani TV that Ghazanfar was not innocent of misconduct and corruption. Ali Ayaz Sadiq denied he’d used his place on the board to intercede for the benefit of his son.

“I can quite categorically say I ‘d not need my six year old to believe he is able to get something he does not deserve appropriate at the start of his life,” he said.

Why they fired Ghazanfar board members refused to divulge.

“The school didn’t need to wash dirty linen in public, which will be great for him and great for the school,” he said.

A lot of the wealthy parents in Lahore say Aitchison is a school in fall, with academic results which have fallen way behind other private schools that are well-known.

“The policy of judging a six-year old by how he performs on a particular day is extremely unjust,” Ali Ayaz Sadiq said. “But although I differ I support it because that’s exactly what the board has determined.”