Eminent poet and columnist Jamiluddin Aali laid to rest in the Bizerta...

Eminent poet and columnist Jamiluddin Aali laid to rest in the Bizerta Lines graveyard


Columnist and distinguished poet Jamiluddin Aali was laid to rest in the Bizerta Lines graveyard  on Tuesday.

The funeral was attended by hundreds of the late poet’s admirers.

There was a large variety of writers and poets — including Sahar Ansari Pirzada Qasim, Anwar Shaoor and Mazhar Jameel — businessmen and political figures . Additionally they offered their condolences to the family members of Aaliji.

Talking to Dawn regarding the poet’s literary accomplishments, Prof Sahar Ansari said in 1950 51 he began composing a poem labeled Insaan. Together with the passing of time, the poem assumed legendary proportions entailing scientific and philosophical areas. He was of the perspective that Aaliji was possibly the sole Urdu poet who’d composed on futurism. Besides that, the poet touched upon Stephen Hawking’s theory that was an accomplishment that was rare, he explained.

He wrote a column was a poet and composed many patriotic songs, he explained. Nevertheless, he pointed out, for making Urdu the national language Aaliji significant accomplishment was his battle, and participating in the movement.