Emma Slater and Paris train hero Alek Skarlatos appears unscathed on Dancing

Emma Slater and Paris train hero Alek Skarlatos appears unscathed on Dancing


When ceasing terrorist attacks is among your avocations, clearly you are not planning to let something little like a broken nose quit you.

Alek Skarlatos did not have as much as a scratch on his face on the Dancing With The Stars of Monday night , despite Emma Slater bursting his face open just hours earlier.

The 23- his pro associate was spinning during rehearsals when she inadvertently caught him busting his nose badly the crew needed to call in medics to attend to him.

‘ his nose was broken by me,’ said the 26-year-old English beauty using a frown. ‘ We heard this crunching’.
Skarlatos later disclosed doctors would support the analysis on Tuesday.

Week five of the dancing contest saw the stars change their partners that were usual up – as well as the chemistry between Emma and Alek was immediate.

She declared she ‘really wanted’ the Paris train hero to be her temporary partner, calling him ‘hench’ and ‘yolked’.

‘ I simply could not do it, that lasted around ten minutes, although I tried to play it cool,’ he giggled. ‘She’s only too hot.

And things just got more steamy on the dancefloor, as a sexy rumba was performed by the pair together.
‘Well, her elbow numbed part of his face,’ joked the host Tom Bergeron.

Alek likely is not going to care to return to his ordinary partner Lindsay Arnold, who got married just four months ago – incidentally as a bridesmaid with Emma.

It is been an emotional few days. Just days earlier, his fellow train hero, Spencer Stone, was hospitalized with stab wounds sustained in a fight outside a bar in Sacramento.

And had Skarlatos not been about the ABC show, he’d happen to be in class at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, last week, where nine people were killed by gunman Chris Harper-Mercer.