EPIC! Dream Boy Arjun Kapoor looks like every housewife’s dream in the...

EPIC! Dream Boy Arjun Kapoor looks like every housewife’s dream in the new still from Ki and Ka!


Look he even COOKS for her!

No Kareena Kapoor Khan we aren’t forgetting you either! Your boss woman temperament is on point and we adore how it has been carried by you in the movie from whatever teaser, sneak peek images we could get our hands on.

You seem like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. This Kapoor lad is going places due to the sort of characters he chooses to perform, and we are certain of that. In R. Balki’s next venture Ki and Ka, you will see Arjun play the role of a house husband who takes care of the house just like a regular housewife would, why we are being surprised is because Bollywood has never portrayed a quintessential hero like that before.

We’ve seen them being a tough policeman or high end business tycoon but thinking of these as a housebound husband is not very likely, don’t you believe? But not anymore as Arjun Kapoor has opened new possibilities to choose in the fresh notion which should have come into existence long back so it is alright, but it is too early.

Kudos to you baba! This film went on- its last schedule wrapped up in October 2015 and floors in August 2015. Ki and Ka was shot across Dubai.We are really excited to catch this picture, Delhi and Mumbai, are you?