EPIC PERFORMANCE! Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Cris Judd Performs On ‘American Idol’ Finale

EPIC PERFORMANCE! Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Cris Judd Performs On ‘American Idol’ Finale


Aww! Jennifer Lopez showed some love towards ex-husband Cris Judd during ‘American Idol’s epic series finale. He had backup dancing duties during one of the performances!

Jennifer Lopez, 46, and Cris Judd, 46, divorced 13 years past, but seemingly there’s still plenty of fondness between the pair as he scored a coveted copy dancing spot on the epic American Idol ending. Those places were probably EXTREMELY difficult to come by, but with his ex-wife as three judges are ’sed by one of the show, we have a feeling he had a reference that is pretty great! Cris affirmed he’d be to the show in certain ability as he posted a backstage Instagram photo captioned “Getting prepared for the Ultimate Good-Bye Show!

American Idol Season 15!” Since he’s consistently been a popular backup dancer we presumed that’s what he could be doing. Sure enough, as soon as Idol alum Larry Platt reach the stage to perform his iconic “Pants on the Ground,” there was Chris shaking his thang!

He showed he still has the same hot moves that made when he was her backup dancer in 2000, Jennifer fall hard for him. As he worked the choreography, Cris appeared smoking hot together with his shaved head, a black coat and black jeans. Cris and Jennifer were married from 2001 -2003, and she even made him her lead choreographer for her performances when they were a couple.

But then she started working with Ben Affleck, 43 on the film Gigli, and soon Jennifer filed for divorce and Bennifer was born. While they were coupled up for some years, they still stay close friends as well as Casper was even Jen’s date to the Idol finale that is big. Wow, two exes under one roof plus they both happen to have the exact same ability. Do you know the possibility of that!