Erica Mena relationship rumours

Erica Mena relationship rumours


Bow Wow musician and actor continues to be in a relationship and Urban Model Erica Mena for quite a while now, with the couple believed to be engaged and planning a future together. With that said though, there have lately been quite a few rumours about their relationship, after a rather cryptic message was posted by Erica on Instagram.

Mena posted an image saying, “I’ve got a bad habit of becoming infatuated with a person’s potential. I get so intrigued by what they initially show me that I begin to imagine all the greatness that could come from it. Never once stopping to think that, sometimes, people don’t live up to their potential.” While she also added the caption, “You are apart of the past but know I did pick you for a reason. I don’t feel bad at all but I do apologize you didn’t see your greatness. Now you can apologize for not living up to it.”

However, since then, Erica Mena has returned to her official Instagram account to post a picture of Bow Wow from a scene in CSI: Cyber, adding the caption, “Everyday I learn from you‼️ Everyday . The man you are is truly intriguing & 24-7 inspiring. @shadmoss 🙌🏽 #EmmyBaby #YouDeserveItAll #CSICyber #CBS #BowWow ShadMoss #Mine.” Which clearly suggests that these two stars are still very much together.


There is certainly plenty of confusion over whether these two stars are still together or not but, judging on Instagram from the most recent place, it would seem that Bow Wow remains very much part of her life.