Eu ‘wants new regulations to cope with migrants’

Eu ‘wants new regulations to cope with migrants’


The increase of migrants going from Africa to Europe is currently threatening to weaken cultural buildings within the EU and existing requirements, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has informed.

Mr Hammond stated the region couldn’t absorb “thousands” of Africans and EU regulations must be removed to make sure these arriving in order to look for a greater life-style might be delivered for their own nation.

He explained that oftentimes, migrants understood for there to become small possibility of them they just needed to set foot actually having to depart.

“We’ve got in order to solve this issue fundamentally by having the ability to return those people who are not eligible for state back asylum again to their nations of source. That is our number 1 concern,” he told BBC News.

After Greek minister Alexis Tsipras informed his nation had been overcome from the increase of arrivals their remarks emerged.

Last month alone 50 came within the EU when compared with 700 within the total of this past year, an overall total of 41, based on the newest numbers from Frontex.