Ex-CBC host pleads not guilty to sexual assault in Canada

Ex-CBC host pleads not guilty to sexual assault in Canada


The popular 48-year old radio host walked to the courthouse where he was arraigned over the course of a court appearance, failed to talk with reporters.

Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC after media reports of sexual assault allegations appeared.

CBC was left by two senior executives, including head shortly following the allegations were imposed.

For Thursday Ghomeshi entered not guilty pleas combined with the five charges, he also faces one charge which is being attempted individually. The alleged assaults for which he was charged happened between 2008 and 2002.

Ghomeshi, who attained recognition defended his activities in a 1,500-word statement when the accusations were reported. Ghomeshi explained girls accepted to having “rough sex” with him and that he is the victim of a disgruntled ex girlfriend. Following the Toronto Star reported several more allegations days later, Ghomeshi posted he would face the accusations “directly,” but would not discuss the woman with the media.

Authorities started an investigation after nine girls contacted various media sources to report occurrences of assault and encouraged other girls to come a year ago.

Among the girls who contacted police was celebrity Lucy DeCoutere, a star of the long-running TV and movie show “Trailer Park Boys.”

DeCoutere was the very first girl to talk on the record about her claims against Ghomeshi. DeCoutere said she alleges that when police returned to his house, he choked her, pressed her up against a wall and smacked her across the face repeatedly and went with Ghomeshi.

Reva Seth writer and attorney became the second girl writing in the Huffington Post that Ghomeshi sexually attacked her and set his hands.

After he was fired, Ghomeshi started a $55-million suit from the CBC for defamation and breach of confidence. That suit dropped shortly after.

Ghomeshi was given bail at on state he reside with his mom and turn over his passport.