Ex On The Beach

Ex On The Beach


The pill of horror sends and sounds half the group on a day trip where Marty and every one of his female devotees – Sarah, Jemma and Amy are sent on an extremely difficult skull-painting date.

Back in the villa, Jordan Kirk and Jayden are told they’ll be greeting the newest arrival.


It is the dreaded ex-husband Cami Li of Kirk. AT LAST!

She chucks her beverage and comes out with some horrible obscenities as we have seen in the teaser clips.

Before matters between Cami and Kirk can die the pill of horror down tries to send them.

Kirk refuses, and Jayden is made to take one because Jordan is too frightened to even look at Cami. Jayden is excited because he believes Cami is on his ‘level’ but later she confesses she lost interest after 5 minutes. Jayden, soz.

She promptly goes for love competition Jemma when Cami finally arrives back in the villa.

Kirk attempts to calm things down but the entire house is active in the row and it is showing no indications of dying down.

Marty leaps in the opportunity to take Sarah while Amy is not awake.

It is the morning after the night before and his 27th birthday is being celebrated by Kirk.

Kirk leaves to prevent confrontation which gives her the chance to inform her side of the schism narrative to the group as the breakfast area is arrived in by Cami.

As sunlight continues to rise, Jemma Bear and Laura are sent out to purchase Kirk a birthday gift whilst the birthday boy as well as Cami head off to visit a spiritualist.

Kirk and Cami start to speak, as they discuss their grievances for damaging Cami and Kirk apologises. While he stays in the villa he also agrees to not sleep with anyone.

Spirits and Cami forgives Kirk are not quite low. (We FAILED TO see that coming!)

Cami and Kirk arrive back in the villa and denote they are back together (the small jokers).

Marty does not give an f***.

The celebration continues and Jemma and Cami have heart. Cami tells Jemma that Kirk has sworn to not sleep with anyone that she’s in the villa. Jemma calls Kirk out, is disturbed and winds up splashing him.
An extremely emotional Kirk perforates against a wooden column in discouragement and we are assuming he will take a cast in episode five.

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