Seems like Khloe still honors him ‘in sickness and in health’ vow

Seems like Khloe still honors him ‘in sickness and in health’ vow


Though Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are no longer married, it appears that she is still honored by Khloe’ in sickness as well as in health’ vow. She reportedly stayed by his bedside following an alleged drug overdose that sadly left him fighting for his life.

The second Khloe Kardashian, 31, discovered that her ex Lamar Odom, 35, was discovered unconscious in a Nevada brothel she hasn’t left his side since, a new report claims and caught on an airplane that was private to be with him. She remains by his side while his kids, Lamar Jr and Destiny, make their way to the hospital, based on the report. Here’s everything we know.

Lamar ended up in the Sunrise Hospital in vegas after was found unconscious in the Love Ranch brothel. His ex, Khloe, hurried to his side and slept in the hotel, multiple sources confirmed to Us. Khloe didn’t travel to the hospital alone, she’d her big sis Kim Kardashian, 34, by her side. “Kim and Khloe are on a private plane to Vegas now,” a source told JUST, right after Lamar was discovered. “She cut off contact with Lamar in the summer, but has been worried about [him] for a long time.”

It’s being reported that Lamar’s condition’s cause is a drug overdose. “Probably there’s brain damage, but they are uncertain how much,” a source told E! News. “Almost every drug imaginable was found in his system.” The source went on to explain that physicians at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where Lamar is currently staying, are treating the situation as an “overdose.”

He when he was found, there was liquid running out of his mouth, and had reportedly been taking an herbal replacement for Viagara through the entire excursion. The former Laker’s star’s heart is failing, and he is having trouble with other major organs, including his kidneys and lungs, as he stays unconscious and breathing only with the support of a ventilator.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Lamar’s family members and he in this difficult time.