Exactly Same POUT! LOL Deepika Padukone copies Priyanka Chopra’s trophy pose!

Exactly Same POUT! LOL Deepika Padukone copies Priyanka Chopra’s trophy pose!


The Bajirao Mastani stars have a lot of reasons to be happy this year!

Well, it definitely looks like Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Bajirao Mastani has functioned as a lucky charm for every one of the stars of the movie! All of us know just what a fantastic job, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone did in the film.

The truth is, we’re still recovering in the magical journey of Bajirao Mastani took us through. So yes, be it the year 2016 or only SLB’s picture, the trio have attained plenty of critical acclaim as performers. It started with Deepika Best Celebrity that stormed social media with a lot of well wishes and Ranveer Singh winning Best Actor.

But headlines were made by the minute Priyanka Chopra’s People Choice Awards win, we just could not take our eyes! And since that time, these three haven’t gotten off the awards saddle! The answer would be Dippy PeeCee and Ranveer Singh, when you have to inquire who’s the star of the entire year!

Obviously when you win an award, it calls for a celebration and a fine unique selfie with all the prize. And in case you recall, Priyanka gave us a fine image along with the trophy that went super viral of the PCA being kissed by her.

Her co-star Deepika appears to have already been inspired by this pose! Now that’s fairly interesting!

Deepika appears to be treading in Priyanka’s path, do not you think? If PeeCee and Deepika may have a tiny reunion of some sort, the diva has taken off we wonder!